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Window sill color scheme Standart

Window sill color scheme Premium

Window sill color scheme Elite

Window sill prices Alber

Width StandardPremiumElite
150 mm 1298 1418 1642
200 mm 1545 1694 1962
250 mm 1813 1986 2307
300 mm 2060 2269 2403
350 mm 2313 2537 2962
400 mm 2589 2843 3299
450 mm 2843 3126 3626
500 mm 3105 3426 3970
600 mm 3619 3970 4627
700 mm 4149 4553 5320
750 mm 4440 4873 5672
1000 mm 6179 6791 7911
1100 mm 6805 7470 8723
1200 mm 7813 8574 9999

All prices are indicated in hryvnias per 1 linear meter

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About duplication

Alber — windows are a unique combination of durability, beauty and practicality. They are made of high quality moisture-resistant top-class canvas and paper-layered plastic HPL Egger.

Alber's finishing in cut


ESTPLY BIRCH (Estonian manufacture) andMETS WOOD BIR CH (Finnish manufactures) are made from cross-adhesive layers of berry hose of higher varieties. This provides them with high physico-mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, resistance to moisture and deformation.

Alber's Finish in Cut

Paper-layered plastic HPL Egger

HPL Egger paper-layered plastic consists of several layers of base paper and a layer of decorative paper impregnated with resins. The layers of paper are compressed with each other under the influence of high pressure and temperature. This provides them with high strength, resistance to wiping, scratches, moisture, ultraviolet radiation and household chemicals.

Alber without cap

Without kapinos

Alber linear cappcino

With a straight kapinos

Alber cover with a rounded cappcino

With a rounded kapinos

Alber's figure cap

With a shaped kapinos

Unique properties of Alber windows

Thanks to the unique combination of canvas and HPL Alber paper-layered plastic, the windows have the following unique properties:

Alber windows are presented in a wide range of decorations, which allows you to choose them for any interior. Decors mimic natural materials such as wood, stone, marble, etc.


Alber can be used in any room, both in residential and commercial premises. They are suitable for facing windows, desks, furniture facades, door canvases, etc.

Alber — is a unique product that combines durability, beauty and practicality. They will be the perfect addition to any interior. Our windows are manufactured on modern equipment using high-quality materials. Complies with all sanitary and hygienic standards and is safe for human health. Alber windows have a long service life. With proper care, they can serve you for many years.

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Kyiv, Gatnoe, Chabany, Vita Pochtovaya, Glevakha, Vasilkov, Boyarka, Kalinovka, Vyshneve, Ivankovichi, Irpen and others...

From 300 UAH
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